Good of the People supports the production and distribution of North American-made personal protective equipment for individuals and institutions in need, including our heroic frontline responders and society’s most vulnerable.

GOTP was founded on the principle that we have the ability to design, manufacture and distribute critical life-saving supplies here in our own "backyard," instead of primarily importing them from other continents.
GOTP will be instrumental in ensuring we never again encounter supply shortages and outrageously high prices. That's why GOTP pledges to raise funds for the purchase and distribution of North American made PPE, working in partnership with vetted manufacturers to procure masks, isolation gowns and all forms of surgical and medical apparel. The benefits are threefold:

  • We can secure large quantities of PPE supplies at a reduced cost for distribution across the U.S.
  • We assure American supply chain independence.
  • We boost the U.S. economy while also creating local jobs.
Although GOTP was initially established to support America’s valiant COVID-19 response effort, we will also vigilantly prepare for future health emergencies. Climate change, deforestation and the destruction of animals’ natural habitats threaten to introduce new contagions to which the human population has no immunity. Our mission is to never again be caught unprepared and to proactively take action against the next global crisis.

For the heroes. For the country.
For the Good of the People.